Sponsoring Veterans

As a nonprofit, Home with Heroes depends on its gracious sponsors to fund our unique and memorable outdoor experiences for deserving veterans. Our goal is to increase programming reach to veterans nationwide. Join us.

3 Ways to Get Involved

1. Attend a Fundraiser

We have three annual major fundraising events. Support us by purchasing tickets or a table to help get more deserving veterans outdoors. All funds contribute to veteran adventures, ranging from turkey hunts to tuna fishing. 

Our fundraisers include:

  • Banquet
  • Golf Tourney 
  • 5k Run & Gun

2. Sponsor Veteran Events

These professionally guided events take select veterans and sponsor(s) on a smaller group experience. Or become a sustaining sponsor.


  • $2,500: Sponsor a two-day salmon fishing trip
  • $5,000: Private deer hunt on a picturesque ranch 
  • $5,000: Big game hunt for elk on a 3,000-acre private ranch

Deliciously catered food and comfortable lodging are included for overnight events.

3. Build a Tiny Home

A new Home with Heroes program, help us build an outpost for lodging veterans by sponsoring a tiny home build. These small yet upscale cottages will live on the Home with Heroes ranch in Klickitat, Washington, and serve as a fully accommodated private retreat. 

Six homes will be built and comfortably outfitted to provide more veterans with a remote yet refined experience. They will also assist us in becoming a more sustainable nonprofit with a year-round bed and breakfast operation.

We seek major and media sponsors, and each home requires $20,000 to build.

Help us say thanks by honoring a veteran with a salute to a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience.